Home Is Where The Heart Is…

Of late I had been reading lots and lots of blogs. And somehow without any connection the bad feeling of home sickness has started kicking in deep inside me! The feeling to go back to my roots… the feeling to get back everything which I left and came to explore this materialistic world… I want to go back and get all that love, feeling, happiness, contentment, glory, hope, belief and the most important, peace, in my life back.

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I have started yearning for everything back at home. I miss and yearn to see the early morning sunlight trying to pierce the dense trees showering the golden dust on everything in its golden perimeter… I miss how the earth looks so joyous, colorful, heavenly and content in that glorious time… I miss the crazy birds, chirping loudly and joyfully outside my window every morning, calling all the gone residents of the city to come back and enjoy the laid back and peaceful life… I miss the different shaped clouds which would form following the amazing scenery when it used to rain… I miss the hailstorms, the cheerful shoutings, the mango flower’s soothing smell… the cuckoo singing… the fireflies spreading tiny sparks of hope in the old wrinkled eyes… I miss the crickets in the shrubs chirping and calling for its love… I miss the smell and the soothing low lights of the kerosene oil lamps and lanterns spreading the aura of love and togetherness… I miss the smell of old books and the numerous stories following it… I yearn to walk on the topsy-turvy roads remembering the good old past childhood days… I miss the clear dark sky full of shattered stars and the moon shining happily in-between them bathing every surrendered soul in its composure and calmness… I miss the most appetizing food cooked with tons and tons of love poured without any adulteration… I miss talking and listening to all the nonsense conversation, laughing over silly jokes, finding and seeing old photographs, meeting old neighbors, relatives and friends who I know care about me… I miss how the smallest of small things give utter joy to kids over there… I miss the dirty, crowded and the congested roads which always led to a friend’s/relative’s house… I miss the divine smell of the incense sticks, camphor and flowers walking on the streets at dawn and dusk… I miss the loud sound of the conch being blown by someone during the morning and evening prayers… I miss the steaming cups of tea in the earthen pots served with so much generosity… I miss the primroses swaying and dancing in the spring breeze… I miss running, playing and exploring the big old house whose every wall says a different story…

Oh… how I miss… EVERYTHING!

It has been a really long time since I visited my hometown. Something or other always came in the way of me and myself going to the place I love; the place I belong to…. Yes, I know I could and should have gone and have visited my home if I have been feeling so “homesick”. But then, I gave more importance to the materialistic things in my life. Maybe I was wrong but not totally…Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something… Be it for family or yourself! Sometimes you have to just keep aside all the thoughts and work like a machine, do whatever has been told to you and just follow the robotic life you have chosen… But then, it is not going to last long. No, I can’t keep on doing this to my life… I want to live, I want to love, I want to pray and I want to laugh… most of all, I want to embrace and know that I am going to start another day in my life in the place I felt myself to be a part of… it does assure you of happiness that can be found in small yet meaningful things which can’t be brought  to you by million sparkling treasures.

I can’t wait to be back!

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