Jharkhand Food Series

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I never thought that one day I will be sitting and writing down my journey of nostalgic, rustic and might be forgotten food/ recipes of my state. The state which has given me a lot. It has given me my identity, has taught me to admire and protect nature, ignited my love for food, helped me in finding happiness from the smaller things in life and inculcated in my soul to try and be content with minimalism and not to forget to love unconditionally. How could I not think of returning it at least a portion of the favor it has showered on me throughout my life?

Jharkhand food is not very popular yet. One can rarely find any authentic Jharkhand food/ thaali even while visiting Jharkhand. I personally believe that it is because of the lack of tourism and demand of the local food there. And also the local people’s belief of always eating freshly home cooked food every day, every time. It is still a rarity that people would go out and eat any meal. Of course, this fact has been changing with the new generation. But, the point here is that even when people go out to eat food, they don’t want to eat the same cuisine which they prepare at home everyday. They want to eat something different. And hence, seeing the demand it is almost impossible to find a joint/ restaurant/ eatery which serves authentic Jharkhand food.

In this Jharkhand food series, I am going to try and introduce as many food items as I can to the outside world. Some of it might be already known and others could be totally new. Nevertheless, I am really happy to share my love for food, my stories, my findings and my connection with it with you all 😊

So, aren’t you excited because I really am! Can you recognize any of the food items in the teaser? Unraveling soon the mouthwatering series 😊😋😍Don’t forget to keep yourself posted 🤗

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