Memories, Gifts And A New Path To Explore…

Yeah… yeah… I know I had been writing all senti posts recently. But then thats what I have been going through this whole month. You know that things happen when you least expect it to happen and then most of the times it happens for a good reason. Atleast with me… So, what happened to me now??? Well, I left my job after serving in the same company for almost four years. It was obviously not an impromptu decision. It took lots of thinking, belief, support and brain 🙂

So, now some of my intelligent friends will ask that what is the big deal about leaving a comapny? Everyone does sooner or later. Isn’t it? Yes, I know that leaving a company is not a big deal for lots of people but what about the emotions attached with the same?? Staying in a company for a longer duration does give you lots of opportunities to make new friends and memories. Sometimes these friends and memories are good and sometime not. Depends on lots of factors. Well, I am not gonna speak about those factors here in this post today. Back to my story, when I revealed the big secret to my colleagues that I am leaving, there were mixed expressions and emotions from people. The cacophony lead me to think that how come suddenly everyone started loving me so much? Some of them went two steps ahead and shed a tear or two. Some just acted stunned even when they couldn’t hide the happiness volcano erupting inside their stomach! No wonder they had been waiting for this day since months or years together. I was also overwhelmed with some of my colleagues who genuinely felt bad for me leaving. And hey, I am not heartless, I felt bad too leaving the genuine friends of mine :’( That’s the sad part of my story. Now comes the fun part.

Here, I must say that my husband is one creative guy. He has this special talent of making people happy with his small acts of kindness or creativity. And he does it with so much ease. Sometimes, I wonder how does he think and behave smart all the time…!! Tough competition here I say 🙂 So, when we decided that I am gonna put down my papers and the dates were finalized, I started (as usual) bugging him about giving me some ideas how to make my last day in the company memorable. And we came up with the idea of gifting some of the chosen ones with some handmade gifts. I am a bit nitpicky about such things. No wonder I showered him with questions like why should I be giving out gifts on “my last day” in the company??? It should be vice versa… isn’t it?? However, with lots of attempts and failed ideas we froze on this:

Thank You Everyone

I made twelve personalized thank you cards and small cute triangular boxes for the twelve deserving people. It compromised of those who helped me and supported me always and also those who always bitched or back-stabbed me. The look on their faces were worth seeing when I handed them their gifts. It was such a moment 🙂 Some were flattered and some were bemused! Totally!! But, the main thing which I wanted was they knew in their heart what they did and how much they deserved getting those gifts 🙂

Last but not the least, I did spread some happiness in others lives and I know that they will remember this small act of thanking if not forever atleast for some time. And that made my day. Isn’t that really blissfull?? Huh… joys and more joys of life

Stay happy and go do some act of kindness today folks 😀

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