My Vintage Wallpapers

Just some good old memories of my year 2009 Smashing Magazine published wallpapers (Smashing Magazine is one of the best online magazines which delivers useful and innovative information to web designers and developers). I was still learning Photoshop at that time and was always eager to try the new brushes, effects and online tutorials. And all those lead to the creation of these wallpapers… Looking at them now, after three years, I feel it to be a little weird…but then this is how it all started 🙂 Here is the list:

July 2009 - The Demonic Divas Calendar

The Demonic Divas

August-Happy friendship Month Wallpaper

Happy Friendship Month

September 2009 - Darkness With Rays of Light Calendar

Darkness with Rays of Light

November 2009 - Glamour Girls Calendar

Glamour Girls

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