World Anger Day Vs World Happiness Day

World Anger Day vs World Happiness Day

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ― Ambrose Bierce

Today (August 28) is World Anger Day (did we need a reminder?). Seriously, had never heard about this day until today…! So, are we supposed to tame or unleash the devil within today? Grrrrrr!!!… I guess if we see someone shouting or being angry we know what’s the reason behind it >.<

Today, what is of concern is that this loss of control over the anger handle seems to be happening to people who are not usually considered angry or aggressive. Something seems to be driving even the calm and civil amongst us towards anger and aggression.

What is anger?
Anger is an emotional response to an obstacle or a threat. It is a burst of energy, a compulsive reaction to anything that threatens to obstruct what we wish to do. We react with anger if we perceive a threat – to our plans, to our identity, to our Ego.

What drives us to anger?
Several instances like – hurt, humiliation, and injustice (real or presumed); loss of control and our inability to cope with a situation. When we feel pressed, pushed and pressured, we react with anger.

But anger is really a secondary reaction – behind it and behind all the instances that drive us to anger, lie two root emotions – fear and frustration.

Today, we live in a time when everything is controlled by technologies. Everywhere there is speed and so is pressure. We are no longer following the normal rhythm of our body. Instead, we are becoming more and more mechanical in our ways. All these tools, technologies, gadgets are determining our life and so our moves. This leads to more and more frustration, stress, fatigue and fear.

Here the question is do we really need this day?? Isn’t there enough hatred, fights, anger and inhumanity already prevailing?? In the Buddhist tradition, Anger is always anger, and just that. It is a mental poison, and no reason, however good it may seem, can justify the aggressive expression of anger. Finally, anger, expressed as anger, is a reaction to a threat. A reaction. What we need to do is not react but rather to respond. “Respond” etymologically from “Responsibility”. That’s the key.

Won’t this world be a better place if everyone is happy?? Be it in any way. Oh! yes… indeed it will be a much better place to live in. The United Nations has declared that March 20th each year will be the International Day of Happiness – and it wants everyone to join in the fun of being happy. “The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal,” said the resolution, which was passed by consensus in the 193-member assembly. I guess this day will be worth celebrating… what do you say??? Or should I say that lets celebrate each and every day of our life making it a HAPPY DAY!! Help others, eat well, remain healthy, explore, do whatever you like…. make this world a happy place.


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